After a very hectic couple of weeks filled with family time, wedding prep and packing, we’re now off to Palermo!

Well we were until we arrived at the airport all excited and realised that we forgot to online check-in and that we had 4 minutes left to do so…. Obviously didn’t make the cut and we’ve had to pay the airport fee at 110 euros (ouch!) because of our lack of organisation!

Such a rookie mistake! But hey, we’ve been so preoccupied, we need to cut ourselves some slack.

So here we are now finally on way to Palermo. After picking up our car at the airport, we drove about 40 minutes to reach the town and parked in a free parking spot (it was free even though the signs said it wasn’t – our airbnb host was super useful on that one!) on the outskirt of the city to reach our accommodation. It is a spacious apartment in the middle of the old town, near all the touristic spots.

70’s round bed haha

Our first breakfast is lovely. Crunchy chocolate muesli, croissants and cappuccino. Then follows some great city visits including the Fontana Pretoria, Palazzo dei Normanni , and the Cattedrale di Palermo with an amazing rooftop providing a great view of the city, just after a quick but lovely lunch sat outside a deli nearby (which was offering free wine just for the day, score!).

We love a good crunchy muesli for breakfast!

We’ve learnt a lot about the city’s history and specifically its Norman/Arabic past, hence the real Arabic feel you get whilst sightseeing (in some places you’d really think you are in Maghreb!). Really interesting mix of Latin, Norman and Arab architecture throughout the city.

After a few hours though I (Kim) have been starting to feel the toll of the past few weeks on my shoulders and… Yes I am sick! So that’s the end of the day and it finishes at 5pm on the sofa bed of our airbnb. Nick brought back some lovely burrata ravioli with truffle sauce; I managed to find a little appetite and we went to bed early in preparation for tomorrow.

Until tomorrow… Hopefully with more energy!



This is where you can park for free even though it says it isn’t. All 5 streets are free parking according to locals, contrary to the signs.

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