After quite a bad night (our room is perfectly located next to the town’s gate, but with this comes drunk people heading home and thoughtfully singing very loudly at 3am!) we start making our way to Syracuse, 1.5 hours south of Taormina.

As usual, driving is mad (driving in Italy is so crazy that it deserves its own post!) but we make it safe and find a free park just outside the old town on our B&B host’s advice.

Drone view of the old town.

This time, our place is far from luxurious (think rat hole) but super cheap (40€ for 1 night) but perfectly located in the old town. Lucky we’re only staying one night!

Syracuse is cute but there aren’t many things to do.

After a quick look around the old town we’re pretty unfazed (everything seems closed or not really worth checking out) and we decide to chill for a few hours by the rocks, which was literally a minute walk away from where we’re staying. A great place to relax in the sun; appeared to be a locals hangout.

Rocky beach by our place.

Then time for a quick refuel with local wine and beer (4.5€ for both) before a 19€ pizza dinner, the leftovers of which will also be our lunch on our way back to Palermo tomorrow – portion sizes are healthy!

Dinner time!

That’s our Sicily trip done! Next stop: Pisa & Florence!



  • Free street parking is available at Via Rodi. We had to turn around 3 times but found a space in the end.
  • 1 day is enough in Syracuse. We wouln’t have liked to stay for longer.
  • Go for a snack and a (cheap) drink at Artale Giovani. Proper traditional Sicilian bar that serves gelato, local wines and beers, and pastries. Also it has a cute little outdoor sitting area.

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